Windows 10 and 11: Easily Take Screenshots on Your PC

A batch file works just like a product key to unlock your Windows 10 on your PC. Pretty simple right to activate the Windows 10 without using product key? Besides, you can also use the other here method to activate the Windows in case this method doesn’t work for you. This is a rare condition, but sometimes it can happen.

You can paste it into an image editor, like Paint 3D, to edit and save it. Or, you can share it with a friend or colleague by pasting the image into a chat or email. If you usually play video games on Windows 10, you may know the Xbox Game Bar very well. Microsoft supplies this built-in screen recorder, and you can record the gameplay without downloading any other software. Besides its gameplay recording function, this program can also be used to take a screenshot of your Windows 10 device.

How to take a screenshot of your active window

Also, check that you are activating the right edition. For instance, you cannot use a Windows 11 Home product key for Windows 11 Pro edition. Select the product you want to activate, windows, or ms office. Activation of Windows 10 Using KMS PicoWait until the activation process of Windows 10 is complete, update realtek drivers windows 10. if it is finished then a sound notification will appear saying “complete”. This means that you have successfully activated Windows 10 using KMS Pico. Activate WindowsIf the activation process is complete, theACTIVATION SUCCESSFULstatement will appear .

  • The Snipping Tool does a great job, and as the screenshot above this one shows, Windows 11 no longer promotes moving to Snip & Sketch.
  • There are basically two methods to capture the whole screen, you can either use the Paint or the PRTSCR button which will automatically save the screenshot for you.
  • It is mainly useful when using third-party applications or for its actual intended use which is while gaming.

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Fixes for Feature Update to Windows 10 Version 20H2 Not Installing

Click on the Apply button on the bottom right corner of the window. On the third week of every month, we’ll publish 5 killer tech tips, one for each day of the week for a given app, service, or platform. Captures a particular area of your screen by using the click, drag, and release method. Under more, go to settings to call up the Microsoft OneDrive pop-up menu. Check for the cloud icon present on the right-hand side of your taskbar.

There are a few things you can try if your laptop’s screenshot function isn’t working. First, make sure that the laptop is plugged into an outlet and that the battery is fully charged. Second, check to see if the laptop has a built-in screenshot function.

Unable to turn on Windows Defender real-time protection?

On one hand, the latest version of Windows looks promising with big improvements to its UI and under the hood enhancements said to deliver 40 percent better performance. On the other hand, there has been a lot of confusion and disappointment among some users with relatively new machines who don’t appear to be eligible to upgrade at all due to strict new requirements. Microsoft hasn’t shared an official release date for Windows 11, though Microsoft has confirmed it’s coming during the holiday season. There have been rumors on social media of an October release date, though this hasn’t been confirmed. Windows 11 is the latest operating system from Microsoft and will likely become the next major OS across the board. If you’re unfamiliar with what an operating system is, the important thing to know is that an operating system is what you see when you boot your PC.

Thus, the whole command line will tell Windows to force kill any process that is listed as “not responding” status. That’s basically all there is to it if you want to shut down from the GUI on Windows 11 or if you want to use the physical power button. If you want to be geekier, you can always create a shortcut to shut down or restart Windows. But, there are enough simple methods to do it that you might as well use them. Activity Monitor also has the power to close applications, including apps that have silently failed in the background.

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